To utilize NDLA content we currently offer SRU search/retrieval:


operation: the string "searchRetrieve"
version: "1.1" or "1.2"
query: the search string or an CQL-query
startRecord: int, default 0
maximumRecords: int, default 10
recordPacking: "xml" or "string"
recordSchema: "dc"
resultSetTTL: int, default 5
stylesheet: string

You will get an xml that contains path. This can be used to get the node (Drupal) content.

For more info, see here

query: CQL search string. Example: "title = fish" or "license = by-sa". Licenses can be nay of "by", "by-nc", "by-nc-nd", "by-nc-sa", "by-nd", "by-sa", "copyrighted", "gnu", "noc", "nolaw", "publicdomain".

For more axamples, see

The returned url can be modified from e.g "" to "" or "" to omit "surrounding" content (but it will still be html).