The ndla open source project

NDLA is a project to offer free digital learning resources for secondary schools in Norway.

A part of the project is to head an open source project platform for development of and access to such learning resources. The application is named "ndla", a branch of  Dopler, which was built on  Drupal 6 in co-operation with

As a part of the overall archetecture of the NDLA site,  Seria Platform, another open source project is utilized to bridge the different soultions.

Here on bak (behind) we will provide access to the development process, including all code and documentation. We also provide  API documentation which is updated on a nightly basis, as well as documetation on our Services. We encourage developers to utilize both code, content and services to create new services and user experiences. Here is a guide for App developers.

Release notes

This site is run by another Open Source application: trac. Trac is a minimalistic approach to web-based management of software projects. Its goal is to simplify effective tracking and handling of software issues, enhancements and overall progress.